More than ten times Volkhard Hofer has been in what he calls his second home country - Iceland. His love of this country does not only take its roots from the contrast between magnificent landscapes, but for him Iceland is the wildest, most abstract, quietest, most colourful country with the richest waters resources that he has come to know on his numerous journeys round the world. And Iceland is a country that helps to turn away from the anthropocentric view on the world to re-discover the access to matters merely elementary. He shows fantastic landscape but keeps surprising the viewer with his sure instinct for the greatness in small things. The book shows a selection of his most beautiful photos.

160 pages, 161 large-sized, coloured photos,
30x33cm, clothbound book with coloured protective cover
EURO 43,- / sFr 75,10
Order: ISBN-NR 3-89757-263-X